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Greg Petersen

Greg Petersen

Director of Broadcasting/Station Manager

Greg Petersen was the director of broadcasting for WPSU/Penn State Public Media. He is still a host of the WPSU Jazz program and occassionally fills in as on-air host during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  He is also now a member of WPSU's board of trustees. He worked in various positions at WPSU for more than 25 years.

Before WPSU, Greg worked at KRWG-TV/FM in Las Cruces, New Mexico and at KNME-TV/Albuquerque. He graduated in 1977 from New Mexico State University with a degree in journalism and mass communications. He also worked at KASK-FM/Las Cruces and was a photography stringer for the Associated Press in New Mexico.

His television work has been nominated for several Emmy awards and created WPSU-TV's "Our Town" series which began in 1996.

He has served on numerous national boards and committees in public broadcasting.

Greg is a native of Chicago and a life-long Cubs fan.