Live: Trump-Biden Final Presidential Debate

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have their final debate Thursday night in Nashville. Follow NPR's live coverage, including updates and fact checks. Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit Loading...

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Kristine Allen / WPSU

Pennsylvania is a crucial battleground state in the 2020 election. And now, for the first time ever in a presidential election year, mail-in ballots are available to all registered voters in Pennsylvania, without any excuse. That means there is now actually a way for you to vote early in person.

Your polling place in won’t be open until November 3.  But between now and Tuesday, there is a place you can go to vote early. 

Penn State coach Patrick Chambers reacts to a call late in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Rutgers, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in State College, Pa.
Gary M. Baranec / AP Photo

Patrick Chambers has stepped down as Penn State’s men’s basketball coach. Athletic Director Sandy Barbour has accepted and confirmed Chambers’ resignation.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at the "Make America Great Again!" event in State College.
Andrew Destin / WPSU


Donald Trump Jr. campaigned for his father's re-election on Tuesday at a “Make America Great Again!” event at Fullington Trailways in State College. At the event, Trump Jr. criticized the Democratic party and its nominee, Joe Biden.

Penn State Old Main building
Min Xian / WPSU

More than one in 10 Penn State University Park students who returned to State College for the fall semester has now had COVID-19, a WPSU analysis finds. 

You’re listening to WPSU’s Health Minute, a collaboration with Penn State’s College of Nursing. 

October is Bullying Prevention Month.

Bullying has lasting effects on a person’s development, their interactions with others, and their performance in school.

Bullying even impacts physical health, leading to increases in symptoms like headaches, sleep difficulties, and depression.

Matt Slocum / Associated Press


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Today is the last day in Pennsylvania to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election in which the presidential battleground state is playing a central role in the contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Voter registration in Pennsylvania has already hit a record high in this cycle.

Warren's Businesses Dealt With A Summer Of Uncertainty

Oct 19, 2020
Businesses in downtown Warren were quieter this summer because of coronavirus concerns. This file photo shows Warren from WPSU's Our Town episode in 2013.

This summer, WPSU partnered with students in Penn State’s Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications to look at how towns in central Pennsylvania are doing in the run-up to the presidential election. 

In Warren, Pennsylvania, as in many towns this summer, coronavirus concerns and shutdowns made main streets quieter than usual.

Charlie Kox owns Allegheny Antiques, which is in downtown Warren. Kox said he’d been fortunate to keep his business alive during the Pandemic.

Rachel Shelden
Penn State

The Supreme Court has always been political, despite what recent history may lead us to believe. However, things may feel different now because the Court is more powerful now. Historian Rachel Shelden takes on a trip back to the Civil War era and we discuss the lessons from that era the might apply today.  

Candidates, Surrogates Flood Battleground Pennsylvania

Oct 17, 2020
Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — With barely two weeks left before Election Day, the battleground state of Pennsylvania is being flooded with visits by the presidential candidates and their campaign surrogates.

Recent polls show President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in a competitive race in Pennsylvania, or Biden ahead by single-digits in a state Trump won by just over 44,000 votes — less than a percentage point — in 2016.

Richard Drew / Associated Press

  An archive recording of the WPSU Blues show as aired on October 17, 2020 and hosted by Max Spiegel.

In the first hour, hear tracks from The Staple Singers, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bill Morrissey, George Thorogood, Rory Gallagher, Buddy Guy, Nikki & Rich, Joseph Spence, Little Walter, Big Joe Williams, Galactic, and more.

In the second hour, hear Doc & Merle Watson, Dan Pickett, Swamp Cabbage, Gil Scott Heron, Otis Spann, Willie Nelson, Mississippi John Hurt, Ry Cooder, Corky Seigel, Diana Washington, Lead Belly, and more.



NPR Stories

Colleges are beginning to reveal their spring plans as the pandemic continues into the cooler months.

Ohio Wesleyan University — a small, private liberal arts school located in Delaware, Ohio — recently outlined its spring strategy to students and staff. President Rock Jones, who has been the university’s leader since 2008, says this year has been full of obstacles — not just for the university, but for the country.


By the time he left the presidency, Theodore Roosevelt had saved an unprecedented 230 million acres of American land.

Nine current or former Goldman Sachs executives, including CEO David Solomon, will have to pay back hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation over a bribery scandal in Malaysia.

Goldman has faced regulatory probes in the United States and Malaysia over allegations that it enabled billions of dollars to be siphoned off from a Malaysian development fund and over bribes paid to government officials. The scandal that ensued led to the resignation of the Asian country's prime minister.

We're nearing the end of a polarizing election season, marked by a global pandemic and nationwide protests against racial injustice. It's been a lot to process, and we want to know how you're feeling. More specifically, we want to know what you wish "the other side" understood.

The ask is simple: write a short note to someone who will vote differently from you. What do you wish they understood about your life these last four years?

Already battling the largest fire in state history, Colorado is now dealing with another blaze that grew by over 100,000 acres in a day.

The flames traveled east, fueled by beetle-eaten pine trees and dry winds. Hundreds evacuated. The fire jumped the Continental Divide. Conditions forced the closing of Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Live: Trump-Biden Final Presidential Debate

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have their final debate Thursday night in Nashville. Follow NPR's live coverage, including updates and fact checks. Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit Loading...

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Despite the cascade of other crises this year, climate change has emerged as a key election issue. Two-thirds of Americans want the government to do more about it, and the same share of Biden supporters say it's very important to their vote. While not many Trump supporters overall agree, there's more concern among younger Republicans. The stakes are high as more Americans experience record heat, wildfires, hurricanes and flooding, and the two candidates could not be further apart. Joe Biden...

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CDC Reduces Consecutive Minutes Of COVID-19 Exposure Needed To Be A 'Close Contact'

Updated at 11 a.m. ET Thursday The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has broadened the definition of what it means to be a "close contact" of a person with COVID-19. Previous language defined a close contact as someone who spent at least 15 minutes within 6 feet of a person with a confirmed case. The CDC now defines a close contact as someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. People who are considered close contacts...

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COVID-19 Surges In Rural Communities, Overwhelming Some Local Hospitals

As the coronavirus outbreak surges across the country, many rural communities — places which were largely spared during the early months of the pandemic — are now seeing an unprecedented spike in infections and hospitalizations. The pandemic's grip on rural America is especially alarming because many of these less populated areas rely on small hospitals, which don't have the beds or staff to absorb a crush of patients, especially those who require high levels of care. In early September, the...

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How Many Coronavirus Cases Are Happening In Schools? This Tracker Keeps Count

Looking for a snapshot of coronavirus outbreaks in U.S. schools? The National Education Association has just launched a tracker of cases in public K-12 schools. The tracker is broken down by state and shows schools and counties with known cases and suspected cases and deaths, as well as whether those infected were students or staff. It also includes links to the local news reports so users know where the virus data comes from. The NEA tracker builds on the volunteer efforts of a Kansas...

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