Crews excavated ground from around a sinkhole that opened up on College Avenue near the Nittany Mall.
Tyler Olson / WPSU

Drivers on part of East College Avenue outside of State College are being forced to take a detour thanks to a sinkhole that opened up over the weekend.

A sinkhole about one and a half feet wide was discovered Saturday afternoon on East College Avenue near the Nittany Mall. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation immediately closed the stretch between Benner Pike and Shiloh Road for repairs. For now, drivers are taking a short detour.

The map of Pennsylvania Congressional districts, released February 19, 2018 by the PA Supreme Court.
PA Supreme Court

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's Democratic majority threw out the Republican-drawn map of congressional districts as an unconstitutional gerrymander, Republicans raised talk of impeaching Democratic justices.

Calls for impeachment even came from senior Republican Party officials.

That talk receded, but Republicans have brought forward another plan that could limit the lifespan of the court's Democratic majority: changing the state's constitution to elect appellate court judges in districts, rather than in statewide elections.

An archive recording for the WPSU Jazz show as aired on June 16, 2018 and hosted by Max Spiegel. 

In the first hour, hear tracks from The Persuasions, The Black Keys, Levon Helm, The Four Blazes, R.L. Burnside, Charles Williams, Doc Watson, Dixon Brothers, Canned Heat, Leadbelly, and more.

In the second hour, hear James Cotton with Billy Branch and Charles Musselwhite, Clifton Chenier, Guy Clark, Rory Block, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Eric Bibb, J.J. Cale, W.C. Spencer, The Chambers Brothers, Leon Redbone, Otis Spann, and more.

Cory Geishauser and Joanne Peacock Loebig both worked on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."
Carolyn Donaldson / WPSU

From the first time Fred Rogers, known to his fans across generations as Mister Rogers, walked through that famous door and into our living rooms on February 19, 1968, his warmth, his kindness, and ability to talk to children on their level was television magic.

By changing from his dress shoes into sneakers and donning one of his many cardigan sweaters–each knitted by his mother–welcoming us as he fed the fish, Mister Rogers made us feel that he was talking directly to us when we were children. 

WPSU Jazz Archive - June 15, 2018

Jun 15, 2018

An archive edition of the WPSU Jazz Show as broadcast on June 15, 2018 and hosted by Greg Halpin. 

The first hour of the program features all new jazz releases from Paul Grabowsky, Eddie Henderson, Tom Tallitsch, Sullivan Fortner, Chano Dominguez & Javier Colina, Matt Penman, Melody Gardot, Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco and more.

An aerial photo shows damage to a Barnes & Noble Booksellers after Wednesday's severe weather system passed through Wilkes-Barre Township, Pa.
(AP Photo/Jimmy May)

The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday that a tornado touched down in Wilkes-Barre Township on Wednesday night, damaging local businesses.

The National Weather Service sent a storm survey team from its Binghamton, New York office to assess the damage.

The team determined a tornado touched down near the Wyoming Valley Mall near Interstate 81 at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. It traveled about half a mile before dissipating about an hour later.

Ambulance providers in Pennsylvania are enthusiastic about a bill advancing in the state legislature that would require insurance companies to reimburse EMS for calls that don’t end in a hospital trip.

Ambulance providers in Pennsylvania are enthusiastic about a bill advancing in the state legislature that would require insurance companies to reimburse EMS for calls that don’t end in a hospital trip.

Currently, insurance companies aren’t required to pick up that cost.

“Even if we’re paid by the insurance companies, the insurance companies do not usually pay in full,” said Scott Rawson,  executive director of Centre LifeLink, an EMS provider in Centre County. “And their fee structure — it doesn’t cover our cost to provide the service.”

Ryan Burke, one of the former fraternity members charged in relation to the hazing death of Penn State student Timothy Piazza, entered a guilty plea on Wednesday.
Min Xian / WPSU

One of the former fraternity members charged in relation to the hazing death of Penn State student Timothy Piazza formally entered a guilty plea on Wednesday. It’s the first guilty plea in the case.

Appearing in the Centre County courthouse for the first time in this case, Ryan Burke pleaded guilty to all nine charges against him.

Essayist Jackie Esposito reviews "Don Quixote" by Miguel de Cervantes.

Dear Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,

The study showed a stark divide in employment recovery after the 2008 recession in different parts of the state.
"Pennsylvania Employment on the Move: 2001-17" study 

National unemployment levels are as low as they have been in years, but that rising tide isn’t necessarily lifting all boats. Penn State researchers say recent economic development in different parts of Pennsylvania varies dramatically.


NPR Stories

In 1998, 25 weeks into her pregnancy, Sara Arey's cervix dilated and her amniotic sac started to descend into the birth canal. She was rushed to a hospital an hour and a half away from her home near Hickory, N.C., where she stayed for more than a week before her baby was born via emergency C-section. The baby, a girl, died 12 hours later in the hospital.

The Trump Administration released previously classified documents Saturday related to the FBI wiretapping of one-time campaign adviser Carter Page. Republicans say the documents reveal the FBI relied on an anti-Trump source for its decision, while Democrats say the warrants underscore murky and possibly criminal connections between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

Just over four years ago, on July 17, 2014, six delegates on their way to the International AIDS Conference died in the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine.

The delegates were among the 298 people killed hours after their flight took off from Amsterdam.

International investigations concluded that the missile that downed the jet originated with the Russian military, which has denied involvement.

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Muscle And Bone Meet Machinery In 'Hullmetal Girls'

5 hours ago

Hullmetal Girls embraces teen angst in the form of bionic mech suits and the girls who meld with them to save humanity.

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The Russia Investigations: How Many More Maria Butinas Are There?

This week in the Russia investigations: Two big questions about the second-most famous Russian in the world and Rod Rosenstein fires a warning shot. Finnish fallout No Hollywood screenwriter could get away with turning in a treatment for this week. The studio bosses would roll their eyes and ask for the story to be more plausible. And yet Americans — and the rest of the world — really did just live through five days in which the president of the United States publicly sided with the president...

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After Supreme Court Punts On Gerrymandering, Democrats Make It A Campaign Issue

On a recent scorching afternoon in Austin, Texas, Democrat Justin Nelson held a bar crawl in three bars within just a few blocks of each other — and each of those three different bars were in three different congressional districts. "Even in this baking hot Austin sun, you can walk these three blocks without even being totally drenched in sweat, because these districts are so close," said Nelson, who is campaigning to replace the state's Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton, in November....

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Mastermind Behind Malta Journalist Killing Remains A Mystery

The last time Matthew Caruana Galizia saw his mother alive, she was going to the bank. A government minister had gotten the courts to freeze her bank accounts. She intended to fight for access to her funds. "If someone tried to shut her up, if someone tried to stop her, she'd just fight back even harder," the son says. "That was her spirit." Daphne Caruana Galizia was an investigative reporter, a towering, intense mother of three, digging up dirt on the most powerful figures in Malta, the...

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What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education

Fake news. Record-low voting turnout. Frequent and false claims from elected officials. Vitriol in many corners of political debate. These are symptoms we hear of all the time that our democracy is not so healthy. And those factors might be why many states are turning to the traditional — and obvious — place where people learn how government is supposed to work: schools. More than half of the states in their last legislative sessions — 27 to be exact — have considered bills or other proposals...

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One Dead, Shooting Suspect In Custody After Police Standoff At LA Trader Joe's

Updated at 1:13 a.m. ET Sunday Los Angeles police say a suspected gunman who held people hostage inside a Trader Joe's in the city's Silver Lake neighborhood is now in custody. At least one person is dead. Police identified the suspect as a man about 28 years old, who surrendered three hours after barricading himself inside the store where other people had been trapped. Police have not yet released the suspect's name. Officials say the incident began Saturday afternoon when the suspect shot...

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Not My Job: Former FBI Director James Comey Gets Quizzed On Loyalty Rewards

Former FBI Director James Comey has a lot of experience with loyalty — he wrote a book called A Higher Loyalty and he told the Senate intelligence committee that President Trump demanded his loyalty over dinner in January. So we've invited Comey to play a game called "Welcome to our Loyalty Rewards Club!" — a quiz about reward programs where you buy stuff to get stuff. Click the audio link above to see how he does. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit PETER SAGAL, HOST:...

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A Superstar In China, Daniel Wu Emerges In His Native California

In the dystopian AMC television action series Into the Badlands , Daniel Wu stars as a lethal warrior on a quest to discover the truth about his past. Over two decades, the 43-year-old has played leading roles in everything from romantic comedies to kung fu costume dramas. He's become a celebrity across Asia. But Badlands is the first starring role in the United States for the California native. "As a kid growing up in the '70s, '80s, as a person of color, I didn't see a future for that," Wu...

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Michael Cohen Recorded A Conversation With Trump About Paying An Ex-Playboy Model

Updated at 7:42 p.m. EST "The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!" President Trump tweeted Saturday morning. His message follows a New York Times report on Friday that his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, secretly recorded their discussion about payments to a former Playboy model who said she had a 10-month affair with Trump. The FBI found the recording after a raid on Cohen's office in April. It may provide evidence in an investigation into whether campaign finance...

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After Trump's Helsinki Comments, Ohio County GOP Chairman Resigns With 'No Regrets'

After his press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday, President Trump received widespread blowback — including from many inside his own party — for appearing to accept Putin's denial that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. House Speaker Paul Ryan said there was "no question that Russia interfered in our election." Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell echoed those comments, saying "the Russians are not our friends." In Ohio, Chris Gagin went one step further. On Monday,...

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Episode 854: The New Socialists

Three years ago, the Democratic Socialists of America had about 6,000 members across the country--fewer than the American Racing Pigeon Union. Since then, DSA membership has shot up more than 600 percent. And Democratic Socialist candidates are popping up across the country. One of them, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is likely to land a seat in the House of Representatives this fall. Today on the show: How an ideology that was political poison for decades worked its way back into mainstream...

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Week Of Trump Reversals Puts 2018 Election Security In The Spotlight

With less than four months to go, how much are this year's midterm elections at risk for the kind of interference sowed by Russia in 2016? It's a question that's coming up again after President Trump's seemingly shifting positions this week about Russia's responsibility for the interference in 2016, and after special counsel Robert Mueller's recent indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the Democratic Party and state election computer networks. It would be "foolish...

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Carne Asada, Hold The Meat: Why Latinos Are Embracing Vegan-Mexican Cuisine

Tall, dreadlocked Josh Scheper knew he was out of place as he surveyed the scene at a Santa Ana, Calif., parking lot on a Sunday morning this past April. And the 46-year-old loved it. Hundreds of people waited in line at stalls for vegan food, but few people looked like the Los Angeles resident. Nearly everyone in the crowd was young and Latino, as were the chefs. The food on sale was Mexican — but not hippie-dippy cafe standbys like cauliflower tacos, or tempeh-stuffed burritos. Instead,...

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The Great American Read

PBS asked Americans to name their best-loved novel, and they’ve compiled a list of the top 100. Make a case for your favorite novel on the list through a BookMark review!

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