Penn State President Barron Answers Questions About University's Coronavirus Plan For Spring

Oct 9, 2020



Penn State President Eric Barron hosted a virtual seminar on Thursday for faculty and staff to ask questions about the university's approach to the coronavirus pandemic. The university is looking into new health protocols for the spring.  


President Barron said Penn State is starting the spring semester a week late to allow for pre-arrival testing and quarantining. As for canceling spring break, Barron said stopping and starting the semester would erase any health precautions the university would put in place. 


"Spring break is an opportunity for students to disperse, go different places and come back and basically reset the clock," Barron said. 


In addition to students’ physical health, Barron said the university will address mental health by introducing “wellness days.” Classes will not be held on wellness days, but Penn State will offer special programs and activities to the university community. 


Barron said the university is also considering additional rapid COVID-19 testing and other safety measures. 


“Nothing is off the table, and as we move along and we see what the possibilities are, you’re going to hear more information as we go on into the spring," Barron said. 


Barron’s next virtual session with faculty and staff is scheduled for Oct. 15.