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Take Note: The Future of Jobs & Education

Pew Research graphic about the future of jobs and education

According to recent research, nearly half of American jobs today could be automated in a decade or two.  What jobs will the robots take?  And what does this mean for higher education?  We explore the future of jobs and education with Dr. Kyle Peck, Professor of Education at Penn State and Co-Director of the Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL), and Dr. David Passmore, a Distinguished Professor of Education in the Workforce Education and Development academic program at Penn State and director of  Penn State's Institute for Training & Development. 

Patty Satalia was a senior producer/host for WPSU-TV and FM from 1987 to 2017. Prior to joining Penn State Public Broadcasting, she worked in commercial television in Pittsburgh, first as a film editor and fill-in capsule news anchor for WPGH-TV, and later, for WPTT-TV as public affairs director and co-host of the talk-show, People, Places and Things.
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