Patton Township Development Project Rezoned And Green-Lit For Next Steps

Jul 19, 2018

The Patton Township Board of Supervisors has approved the rezoning of the proposed Patton Crossing development project. Developers will now move forward to create a master plan.

Unanimously approved by the board, the 28-acre project was rezoned with a new mixed-use development zoning code. The code would allow a grocery store, a hotel and both commercial and residential buildings in Patton Crossing’s concept plan.

One of the developers, Bob Poole, said the next step is to create a more detailed master plan.

“We’ll basically almost start over, work with the ordinance that was adopted, start to work with architecture firm to lay out what we’d like to propose to the township,” Poole said. 

He added not everyone will be completely satisfied by the project but he believes Patton Crossing will benefit the township as a whole. 

Some Park Forest residents say they’re disappointed because their concerns are not resolved. Although the zoning code cuts back the maximum height of the construction and gives incentives for more affordable housing units, it allows more density.

The supervisors will be able to examine the master plan and approve it before construction can begin.