Take Note: Lindsey Whissel Fenton On Speaking Grief

May 1, 2020

Lindsey Whissel Fenton (right), producer and director of Speaking Grief, conducts an interview for the film.
Credit John Davis / Speaking Grief

Speaking Grief is a multi-platform project that aims to create a more grief-aware society. The public television documentary, Speaking Grief, premieres Tuesday, May 5th at 8pm on WPSU-TV.  It will also air on public TV stations around the country starting this month.

Our guest on this edition of Take Note (recorded from home, via telephone to observe social distancing) is Lindsey Whissel Fenton of WPSU, producer & director of the film, who talks about the project, how we can overcome the taboo against talking about grief, and how we can learn how to support those who grieve.