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PA Department of Agriculture Requires Spotted Lanternfly Permit For Some Businesses

Penn State Spotted Lanternfly Extension Associate Heather Leach holds a permit
Steph Krane

Fearing the spread of the spotted lanternfly, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is requiring a permit for businesses transporting goods through a quarantine zone. 

The quarantine zone for the insect includes 14 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and four counties in New Jersey and Virginia. 

Penn State Spotted Lanternfly Extension Associate Heather Leach says Extension partnered with the Department of Agriculture to create a course for those looking to obtain a permit.

“You can go online and learn about the basic biology and behavior of spotted lanternfly, and then how to inspect your vehicle, how to inspect your shipments,” Leach said.

So far, 12,000 businesses have received permits. Although only businesses are required to get a permit, Leach says everybody should be on the lookout.

“We are encouraging homeowners to use a checklist every time they move and to make sure they’re not moving very important things that lanternfly eggs tend to be on like firewood, outdoor equipment, outdoor yard games, without checking them,” Leach said.

Businesses transporting goods without a permit could be fined up to $20,000.

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