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Veterans Share Their Stories At "Vietnam Revisited" In Boalsburg

On Saturday, the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg held its annual “Vietnam Revisited” event, which commemorated both fallen and surviving soldiers of the Vietnam war.

On the museum lawn, Jeeps and tents from the time period recreated what life was like for soldiers.

Bud Shuey, a Vietnam veteran from Pleasant Gap, said coming to this event is therapeutic for him.

“It gives you a chance to communicate with people who know what you’re talking about," Shuey said. "In war there’s a lot of stuff that goes on that is very mean and cruel. And if you tell this stuff to someone that’s never been or doesn’t know, they think that’s awful or terrible. But I can talk to him about it and he’ll say, 'I know what you mean. I’ve been there.'”

Lou Frank from Camp Hill was eager to share his experience in the Air Force.

“I get to talk to people and tell them about the Air Force," Frank said, "and what we did in Vietnam and to even tell people about the soldiers and Marines and what they sacrificed and what they went through as good patriotic Americans, whether you believe it or not.” 

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