Preliminary Hearings In Penn State Fraternity Death Will Continue Next Month

Jul 11, 2017

Centre County district attorney Stacy Parks Miller tells reporters all the fraternity members are accomplices in the death of Timothy Piazza.
Credit Emily Reddy / WPSU

Preliminary hearings for 18 Penn State fraternity members charged in the hazing-related death of a pledge were scheduled to end Tuesday. But the judge has once again had to continue the case.

Defense attorneys for ten of the fraternity members have yet to cross-examine the detective on the case.

Questions for the detective so far largely revolved around clarifying each fraternity members’ involvement in the alcohol hazing of Timothy Piazza. Prosecutors say the hazing led Piazza to fall down a flight of stairs and die.

Centre County DA Stacy Parks Miller says it doesn’t matter if someone only handed Piazza one beer to chug; they’re all liable as accomplices.

“The person who drives the car to the bank robbery and stays outside is responsible for the whole bank robbery,” Parks Miller said.

Preliminary hearings are expected to continue next month.