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Courier Express Editor Apologizes For Facebook Comment To 'Eliminate' Protestors

Courier Express editor David Sullens commented on a protest video "Good time and place to eliminate the whole bunch."



On a Houston, Texas, group’s Facebook video showing black protestors and police officers, (DuBois) Courier Express editor David Sullens commented, “Good time and place to eliminate the whole bunch.” 


Sullens has apologized and said he did not intend to be racist but wanted to condemn those who were being violent and looting. But some community members do not believe him. Jewel Santaniello of Ridgway finds Sullens’ words disturbing and demands justice. 


“Seriously, ‘eliminate’?” Santaniello said. “That’s the word he chose as an editor? I don’t know. He needs to lose his job. He needs to resign for sure.” 


St. Marys city council member Margie Brown was also taken aback by Sullens’ comments. Though Brown holds a minor role in the Courier Express’ parent company Community Media Group, she too is unhappy with the situation. 


“It was a violent statement,” Brown said. “Forget about the racial part of it, it was a violent statement.” 


The newspaper did not immediately respond to an interview request. But on the Courier Express website, publisher Pat Patterson posted a statement rejecting Sullens’ comments. Patterson said, “Over the course of the last week we have reviewed this methodically and are continuing to work through this horrible situation to its conclusion.” 



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