State College High Schooler Among Winners Of Redistricting Competition

Jan 23, 2019


Despite recent redistricting, some still think Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional districts are gerrymandered.

But according to Draw the Lines PA Project Director Chris Satullo, ensuring the state has fairly drawn districts should be easy.

“Redistricting is not rocket science," Satullo said. "Ordinary people who put in the time and are given the right tools can do it."

Hundreds of Pennsylvanians drew their own maps outlining what the districts should look like as part of Draw the Lines PA’s first competition.

More than 2,500 maps were drafted using a software called Districtbuilder. Of those, 318 were submitted along with essays explaining the mapping choices. Winners were announced this week.

The central region’s youth winner is State College High School sophomore Kyle Hynes. Satullo said some of the best submissions came from the high school and college level.

“One thing it proves: the apathy of the younger generation is greatly overestimated," Satullo said.

Another submission came from a Penn State geography professor and his students.

The 20 regional winners will go on to a statewide competition with the chance to win $4,500.