Pa. Governor Orders "Non-Life Sustaining" Businesses To Close Physical Locations Thursday Night

Mar 19, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf is directing the state police and other law enforcement agencies to enforce an order that all businesses considered “non-life sustaining” close their physical locations.

He said he hopes the action will slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The move comes after Wolf recently urged all non-essential businesses to close.

“I had hoped for voluntary compliance, so our public safety officials could focus on the crisis. Unfortunately, we have not seen full compliance,” Wolf said.

The list of businesses the Wolf administration considers non-life sustaining is long, and includes building construction, car dealers, clothing stores, barbershops.

Violators could face fines and imprisonment, and may forfeit their ability to receive any applicable disaster relief.

Special exemptions will be granted for businesses supplying or servicing health care providers.

Wolf told businesses to close as of 8 p.m. Thursday, March 19. Enforcement begins Saturday.