Lawsuit Over Student Housing Complex In State College's Ferguson Township Continues

Jul 14, 2016

The Toll Brothers are planning to build a luxury student housing complex on Blue Course and Whitehall in State College's Ferguson township. Concerned citizens believe building the complex could threaten the town's drinking water.
Credit Erin Cassidy Hendrick / WPSU

A key hearing took place in Bellefonte in the fight over a planned student housing complex named “The Cottages at State College.”

Jordan Yeager, the lawyer representing a group of Ferguson township residents who live near the proposed development, argued the plans for the complex encroach on an adjacent area zoned as agricultural. He said, “What they want to do is put the storm water management facilities that are a part of this massive development in a zoning district where that development isn’t allowed.”

A lawyer for the Toll Brothers, the developers of The Cottages, argued the group missed the 30-day window to appeal the plans.  And lawyer Marc Kaplan says even if the judge rules in favor of the Ferguson township residents, it’s likely this case will continue. “Oh, I’m sure the Toll Brothers will appeal. For all the reasons I’ve said, I think we’re right,” Kaplan said.

The judge will decide whether to let the Ferguson township board of supervisor’s approval of the development stand.