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Ferguson Township Supervisor-Elect Colleen Unroe Declines Position Amid Lawsuits

Colleen Unroe as she declines the position on the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors.
Erin Cassidy Hendrick

At the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisor’s meeting last night, three new supervisors-elect were scheduled to be sworn in. As outspoken candidates opposed to a new student housing development, they defeated all of the incumbents up for reelection in November.

But ahead of last night’s meeting, two lawsuits alleged supervisor-elect Colleen Unroe did not meet requirements for the position. In Ferguson Township, supervisors must be registered to vote in the township for at least one year prior to the date of their appointment, which Unroe was not. But she says she was surprised she was being sued. 

She said, “I mean, frankly its pretty astounding that when so clearly the people voted for change, that they would do that.”

However, the issue became irrelevant when Unroe declined the position before she was sworn in, citing professional and personal commitments. She also said when she learned of her ineligibility, she attempted to withdraw her candidacy.

Laura Dininni and Peter Buckland were sworn-in as scheduled. The vacant supervisor’s position will be filled by the Board. 

Erin Cassidy Hendrick was an associate producer at WPSU. She produced the programs “BookMark” and “This I Believe” for the station.
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