Centre Volunteers In Medicine Vaccinates 1,200 At Mass Clinic

Feb 8, 2021


Centre Volunteers in Medicine hosted one of Centre County’s first COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics Saturday, vaccinating about 1,200 people at Mount Nittany Middle School.

Pamela Moeng was one of them. Moeng works at Park Forest Middle School and said she tried to sign up for vaccination appointments with multiple providers before she was finally scheduled by CVIM. 

She joked when it was time for the shot. “I wish it was a shot of tequila, because I’ve watched the news and seen the size of the needle,” she said. “But I’m okay.”

Moeng said getting vaccinated was a great relief and gave her hope that she may see her family in person soon.

The clinic administered the approximately 1,200 first doses of the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday to those eligible under phase 1-A of Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout plan. 

CVIM’s director of development Monica Wright said volunteers maintained a steady flow of patients inside the middle school’s gym to avoid lines throughout the day. They were able to vaccinate 12 people every five minutes. Wright said all of those involved were overjoyed.

“What’s great is that it’s palpable,” Wright said. “I mean, those receiving the injections are even more elated than we are. And then that makes us even happier.” 

Wright said about 10,000 people remain on CVIM’s waiting list. She urged those eligible to sign up for multiple waiting lists and stay patient.