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Pence Appeals To Small Businesses In Scranton Speech

Mike Pence in front of crowd
Eleanor Klibanoff

On a rainy Wednesday night, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence addressed about 400 fans at a trucking company outside Scranton.


Standing between two large Kenworth truck tractors, Mike Pence talked about industry and integrity. Pence said this election was about one thing, above all else:


“It’s about upholding the highest standard of integrity in the highest office in the land,” Pence said.


The crowd cheered when Pence talked about helping businesses.


“And we’re going to lower business taxes across PA and across the United States," Pence said, "so companies like Kenworth of PA can create jobs here in Scranton and compete with the wider world."


He also discussed cracking down on companies that send jobs overseas.  Earlier in the day, Lackawanna County Democrats held a press conference, highlighting what they say is a poor record on outsourcing from Trump and Pence. 

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