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Health Minute: Coronavirus

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You’re listening to WPSU’s Health Minute, a collaboration with Penn State’s College of Nursing.

The new coronavirus, which has sickened thousands and killed more than 80 people in Wuhan, China, has now been confirmed in the United States. It can cause fever, severe illness, and pneumonia. 

The CDC does not expect a large outbreak in the U.S., but they’re monitoring everyone who recently visited the now quarantined Wuhan region. 

Anyone who has recently traveled to Wuhan should monitor themselves for fever, cough, or shortness of breath for two weeks. Returned travelers who develop these symptoms should stay home to avoid infecting others, and call their doctor or local hospital for instructions.

Coronaviruses are spread by coughing or sneezing, shaking hands, or touching contaminated surfaces. There are no vaccines, but you can protect yourself by washing hands often and avoiding those who are sick. 

For more information, visit cdc.gov/coronavirus.

For all of our episodes, visit wpsu.org/healthminute.

I’m Cheraine Stanford, WPSU.