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Centre County Crisis Center Opens Its Doors, Offers 24-Hours-A-Day Services

The Centre County Crisis Center is located at 2100 E. College Ave.
Brittany Krugel

The Centre County Crisis Assessment Center aims to help Centre County residents in times of need. But Beth Gillan, the regional executive director, said that a crisis may not always be what you would typically think of.

“It can be someone that has food needs and we can help them get that. It can be someone that just needs some support and needs someone to listen to them. It might be someone that needs to get away from a situation from a time and that can be a safe place for them,” Gillan said.

Funding for the center came through the Centre County government. 

Employees like Tammy Harrington, the center’s program director, hope the center will open up a new conversation about mental health.

“At least what I hope is that we can get rid of that stigma about mental health. I don’t want it to be mental health I just want it to be health. We are taking care of people’s health,” said Harrington.

The Centre County Crisis Awareness Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be contacted at 1-800-643-5432.

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