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Lemont Revolutionary War Tree Cut Down

Lemont residents gathered Tuesday at Glenn Park to watch a beloved 300-year-old Burr Oak tree cut down. The tree is known for having been around during the American Revolution.

Several Lemont residents woke up to the sound of the destruction of a piece of history.  

Joyce Driscoll said the 300-year-old tree was healthy and there was not a good reason to remove it. She and her family have lived across the street since 1962.

As workers cut the tree down she argued with them that it was healthy.

“It’s not rotted," said Driscoll. "Oh it’s not. That is a cavern in the middle of it. It’s been there for 40 years. I know that tree. I’ve been inside of it.”

Driscoll said if neighbors had known the owner was selling the lot, someone would have purchased it to save the tree.

The owners of the property could not be reached for comment.