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State College Borough Council encourages residents to participate in 'No Mow May'

Maddie Miller

On Monday, the State College Borough Council unanimously approved of a pilot project called “No Mow May.”

For the month of May, homeowners in the State College Borough will not be fined for not adhering to the six-inch height restriction for their lawns. The idea was proposed by State College resident Dina Liberatore who heard about the program’s implementation in Wisconsin. She said No Mow May could have positive environmental impacts.

“The biggest benefit is to support pollinators during the spring when they’re coming out of hibernation so that they can have dandelions and stuff to get food from right away. But I also think it lowers carbon emissions from lawn mowers and then also just noise pollution in general,” Liberatore said.

Jasmine Fields is the borough’s Sustainability Program Officer. She said supporting pollinators aligns with the borough’s sustainability goals.

“We do prioritize native species, preservation of green space, as well as homeowner empowerment to be involved in our sustainability program. So, this is a great opportunity for us to be able to work with community members,” Fields said.

The borough recommends that residents not let their grass grow too long to ensure that their lawns are easy to mow when the ordinance is reinstated in June. No Mow May lawn signs are available for pickup at the borough office.