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Torres Disrupts Domestic Boredom In 'Three Futures' Video

There's something about that house, a Southern ranch style in muted tones and dated furniture, that has become something of a muse for Mackenzie Scott's new videos as Torres. First it was for the provocative "Skim," where she told NPR, "The house we shot the video in represents, on one level, the subconscious, specifically the enlightened subconscious." Now she appears to be in the same place for "Three Futures," the title track to Torres' new album. It's a gorgeously languid song laced with synths, just barely brimming over with quiet, but subtly menacing guitar work.

Ashley Connor returns as director, as Scott portrays three characters — three futures, perhaps — a housewife in curls, a husband in a cowboy hat, and herself. It's a stark look at the complicity of domesticity, and the disruption of it that culminates in a NSFW ending.

Three Futures comes out Sept. 29 via 4AD.

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