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Al Franken Rallies Hillary Clinton Volunteers In State College

Eleanor Klibanoff

On Friday, about 50 volunteers gathered in downtown State College. They were calling prospective Hillary Clinton voters, encouraging them to get out and vote on or before Election Day. The were joined by a special guest — Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota.

Before he was a senator, Franken was a comedian on Saturday Night Live. Speaking to the crowd Friday night, Franken proved he could still crack a joke.

"Now, I know that many of you have jobs, many of you have families. Ignore them," said Franken, to laughs. "Don't worry about your families for ten days, eleven days." 

Franken won his first Senate election by only 312 votes, so he called himself the "poster child" for getting every last voter to the polls. He told the volunteers to work "through the 8th" of November. 

The volunteers cheered when Franken outlined Hillary Clinton's record of service, and when he questioned Donald Trump's ability to handle important issues. 

"Who do we want there making those decisions?" Franken said. "Someone with breadth and depth of knowledge to draw from when making decisions? Or someone who doesn't seem to have ... an interest in public affairs?" 

Franken called Trump a "horrible person," and made sure everyone knew, "I mean that in a pejorative manner, I do."

After his brief speech, Franken took selfies and signed books before pushing the volunteers back to the phones. 

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