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U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Bartos Brings Statewide Tour To Penn State

Matt DiSanto

U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bartos visited Penn State’s Berkey Creamery Monday as part of his 12-day tour around Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

With a scoop of mint chocolate-chip ice cream in hand, Bartos took a moment to rest during his sixth pitstop of the day. He says that’s easy to do when you’re out in central Pennsylvania.

“What stands out more than anything is the beauty of the region, obviously the amazing history and the great people,” said Bartos, a Berks County native. “It’s kind of quintessentially ‘Pennsylvania.’”

Bartos’ campaign first traveled to the Creamery in 2018 when he ran for Lieutenant Governor. His staff said he’s been hooked on the Penn State delicacy ever since. In fact, they joked about loading up his bus with some pints before heading out.

Bartos didn’t come to Penn State for ice cream alone, though. He says he visited the university because it embodies strong academics and strengthens Pennsylvania’s industries.

“We have one of the great research institutions in the world right here,” he said. “Not only in technology, not only in innovation, but in agriculture, which is Pennsylvania’s No. 1 industry.”

Credit Matt DiSanto / WPSU
Bartos and his campaign will visit all 67 counties in Pennsylvania throughout a 12-day tour this summer.

Bartos used the visit to spread word about his campaign. He said he usually boils his goals down to a few key talking points.

“Everywhere I go, I talk about three things: I talk about saving ‘Main Street, Pennsylvania.’ I talk about beating China in this existential race of who’s going to lead the world over the rest of the century. And I talk about restoring the ‘American Dream’ for our children and grandchildren,” he said. “I think all three of those major themes have real resonance here in Centre County.”

Bartos’ tour of Pennsylvania continues Tuesday with stops in Perry, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin, and Berks counties. He’ll conclude the initiative on Saturday, July 31, with pitstops in Blair and Clarion counties.

To date, six Republicans and eight Democrats have declared to enter the open-seat race. Incumbent Senator Pat Toomey said last year he won’t run for a third term.