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'Impeach And Remove' Rally Held In State College Ahead Of House Impeachment Vote

About a hundred people attended a pro-impeachment rally in State College on Tuesday.
Min Xian
About a hundred people attended a pro-impeachment rally in State College on Tuesday.

Hundreds of “Impeach and remove” rallies took place across the country Tuesday, the night before the U.S. House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on the articles of impeachment against President Trump. In State College, about a hundred people attended a local rally.

Demonstrators chanted, “Impeach Trump!” and held signs including one that says, “No one is above the law.” 

Elise Smalley, of State College, said Congressional Democrats are fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities by charging the President with abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress. But she said she’s worried the impeachment is further dividing the country.

“I think that the people on both sides feel so strongly about it, that it could lead to bad things down the line. But it’s going to lead to bad things down the line whether we impeach or not,” Smalley said.

Cathy Lee brought her two granddaughters to the rally. Lee said the President has consistently lied about his behaviors and that makes her concerned for the future of her granddaughters and of our democracy. 

“We need to have truth back, you know?” Lee said. “It’s just mind boggling where we are right now.” 

State College Borough Councilman Jessie Barlow was among the crowd and said he believes Trump is “more deserving” of impeachment than former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. 

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to have the votes to impeach Trump on Wednesday.


Min Xian reported at WPSU from 2016-2022.
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