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Toomey Visits State College Farm: Talks Regulation, Supreme Court & Trump

(Photo: WPSU)

Senator Pat Toomey made a campaign stop in State College Tuesday to meet with a group of local farmers gathered at Hess Farm, just off Route 45.

The senator came to the farm to make a point about what he sees as overreach by the EPA in a recent rule aimed at protecting waterways and wetlands. He says the “Waters of the United States” rule places undue burdens on farmers.  Toomey said he also objects to such rules being handed down by unelected bureaucrats.

"We should say anytime any agency, any regulator, proposes a new rule or regulation, before it goes into effect, it has to be approved by Congress," he said. "And that would restore some accountability." 

Toomey also spoke about the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, saying he has voted to replace it before, and would again.  

And he addressed a question about the future of the Supreme Court. 

On Monday, GOP Senator John McCain, said that Senate Republicans would block any supreme court nominees that Hillary Clinton might put forward if elected president.  Toomey said it would be a “negotiated process.”

"I’ve always said that the current vacancy should be filled by the next president," Toomey said. "And if the next president is Hillary Clinton, I think she will be able to fill that vacancy.  But it will be done in consultation with the Senate. "

Toomey is clear about the fact that he finds the idea of Hillary Clinton as president completely unacceptable.  But about Donald Trump? Toomey says he’s still conflicted.

"I still find Donald Trump a problematic candidate," the senator said.  "On the one hand, he has said and done and taken a lot of positions that I find very very offensive and objectionable and I’ve publicly criticized them.  On the other hand, I recognize that he’d probably sign a repeal of Obamacare. He’d probably agree to restore sanctions on Iran – things that are very constructive.  So, for me, it is a dilemma I have not yet resolved." 

Toomey has yet to say whether he’ll support Trump for president.