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Centre County Crash Rate Among Lowest In State, Cameron And Blair Among Highest

PennDOT recently released a report reviewing car crashes in Pennsylvania for 2017.

According to the report, 128,188 total reportable traffic crashes occurred last year, which resulted in the deaths of 1,137 people and injuries of 80,612 more.

In Centre County, which has a population of 162,660, there were 1,246 crashes, 15 of which were fatal. That’s 7.7 crashes per 1,000 people, the fourth lowest rate in the state. Seatbelt usage in Centre County was one of the highest in the state, at 91 percent.

Elk and Lycoming County were among the lowest in seatbelt usage at 75 and 77 percent, respectively.

Cameron County had the fourth highest crash rate in the state at 14.2 crashes per 1,000 people. Blair County was also among the highest rates at 12.5 per 1,000. Fulton, Bedford and Monroe Counties have the three highest crash rates in the state at 16.9, 15.8 and 14.6, respectively.  

Centre, Clinton, Warren and Mifflin County each had just one pedestrian fatality. Excluding the urban areas surrounding Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Lycoming was among the counties with higher pedestrian fatalities, at four.

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