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State College Borough Council expanding short-term rental permit requirements

A sign indicating the availability of a home to rent stands outside a building in Philadelphia, Wednesday, June 22, 2022.
Matt Rourke
In this file photo from June 22, 2022, a sign indicating the availability of a home to rent stands outside a building in Philadelphia. State College Borough Council voted Nov. 20, 2023, to expand safety inspection requirements for short-term.

Starting Dec. 1, more property owners in State College renting out space will have to get short-term rental permits that include safety inspections.

The borough council voted Monday night to amend the rental safety code, cutting the number of days a property can be rented before a permit and safety inspection are required from seven consecutive days to one day.

At an earlier meeting, council member Peter Marshall said there have been safety concerns about short-term rental properties in the community. He said council is responsible for the health and safety of its residents and visitors.

“If a place is not safe and you have one incident, you’re gonna wish you had done this," Marshall said. "I mean, there’s no reason someone renting for a weekend should not have the same safety as someone renting for seven days or eight days."

Properties currently licensed as short-term rentals will not be required to get rental permits until their current license expires.

Sydney Roach is a reporter and host for WPSU with a passion for radio and community stories.