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New Pennsylvania Congressional map means U.S. Rep. Keller faces a competitive Republican primary

Head and shoulders shot of U.S. Rep. Fred Keller standing outside
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U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Snyder County, announced on Feb. 23, 2022, that he will run for reelection in the 9th Congressional district that's part of the legislative map approved by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania's new Congressional map puts Republican congressmen Glenn "G.T." Thompson and Fred Keller in the same north central district, but Keller announced Wednesday that rather than running there, he will run in a neighboring district where he’ll likely face another Republican incumbent in the primary.

Thompson will run for reelection in the new 15th district, which covers all or parts of 18 counties. That includes all of Centre County, where Thompson lives, and Snyder County, where Keller lives. But Keller does not plan to run there.

Keller's old district had neighbored Thompson’s, but it was largely broken up in the map the Pennsylvania Supreme Court picked Wednesday for the state’s Congressional districts.

Instead, Keller is running in the neighboring 9th district. He could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. His announcement notes the new 9th district includes Northumberland County, and says that's where he was raised and ran a small business and goes to church. Members of the U.S. House must live in the state they represent, not necessarily the district.

In the 9th, it appears Keller will face Republican incumbent Dan Meuser in the primary.

The new 9th district stretches from Potter and Susquehanna counties on the New York border down to Lebanon County in the southeast.

Anne Danahy has been a reporter at WPSU since fall 2017. Before crossing over to radio, she was a reporter at the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pennsylvania, and she worked in communications at Penn State. She is married with cats.