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Smart Thermometers Play Key Role In Tracking, Preventing COVID-19 Spread

Kinsa Smart Ear (Courtesy)
Kinsa Smart Ear (Courtesy)

Accurately tracking the incidence of COVID-19 in communities around the country has proven to be a major hurdle in stopping the spread. Now, many scientists say a key tool in the fight may be the smart thermometer.

Kinsa Health debuted it’s internet-connected thermometers eight years ago to track flu. The data the company is uploading for free to government and research scientists is helping pinpoint both where the next outbreak might occur and which communities are flattening the curve. They’re also proving that social distancing is working.

Host Robin Young talks to Kinsa’s founder, Inder Singh (@inderstweet), about how it works and why.

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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