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Episode 880: Is Amazon Good For New York?

Don Emmert
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After Amazon announced it would open a new office in New York's Long Island City neighborhood, a fight erupted in Planet Money's office. A similar fight is playing out all across the city. Some people think: "Great! This will bring lots of new jobs and investment to New York." Others worry Amazon's presence will raise rents and displace people. Plus, New York gave the company a huge subsidy in the form of tax incentives.

The site of the new, er, not-headquarters, is a quick ride from our office. Today on the show: We go to Long Island City and ask people what they think about Amazon coming to town.

Music: "We Got it All Right Here" and "Carry the Flag."

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Noel King is a host of Morning Edition and Up First.
Bryant Urstadt is the editor of Planet Money, NPR's podcast about economics. Planet Money specializes in taking complicated subjects, finding the people at the center of them, and turning their stories into entertaining narratives. He is part of the team which won a Peabody for reporting on the fake bank accounts scandal at Wells Fargo.