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Penn State Fraternity Case Examines Live-In Advisor, Moves To Closing Arguments

The live-in advisor for Penn State fraternity Beta Theta Pi testified on Wednesday, while the defense continued to question his role in relation to the death of Timothy Piazza. Tim Bream was the last witness before the preliminary hearing moved on to closing arguments.

Bream is a university employee who lives full time in the fraternity house. On the night of bid acceptance, where Piazza suffered multiple injuries that eventually led to his death, Bream was in the house.

He said he knew about the event, but never gave permission for the “gauntlet” or other alcohol use.

Although defense attorney Leonard Ambrose argued Bream’s responsibility was to make sure of a safe environment, Bream said his role was to guide fraternity members, not to oversee or to discipline them.

The attorney for Jim and Evelyn Piazza, Thomas Kline, said crimes were committed and the family is looking for justice.  

"The Piazzas believed that Mr. Bream had some culpability," Kline said. "And they also believed that should not interfere with the prosecution of this case and the individuals who are here."

Thirteen remaining closing arguments remain to be ­­made on Thursday and Friday. After that, the judge will decide whether the case goes to trial.

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