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NPR Available In More Places Than Ever Before

Extending NPR's reach, relevance and accessibility is essential to building a best-in-class network of reporters, storytellers and artists who inform, engage and inspire listeners in every corner of the country. What's more, it drives the vision of a digital network that connects with you, our listeners, across every platform. We come from everywhere; we want to be everywhere.

This summer, NPR is taking some important steps forward in this "news everywhere" strategy.

Smart Speakers

According to eMarketer, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated device at least once a month this year, well over double the number in 2016. Earlier this year, NPR and local Member stations raised their voices – both live and on-demand – on Alexa and Google Home, through the prominent placement of live station streams as well as a new skill for the NPR One app. Recently, at its annual developer conference, Apple announced the next breakthrough in this space: the Siri-enabled HomePod, which will be available in December. During the product demo, Apple's Phil Schiller announced that, with a HomePod setup, you can say, "Tune to NPR," and hear the latest news without a touch.

NPR One in TV, Phone, and Car

The NPR One app is now available to millions of Apple TV owners. It's the latest example of how NPR One has become an increasingly popular gateway to public radio content. NPR One is now accessible to 97% of global handsets via iOS, Android and Windows Phone; it's available on more than 30 car brands and 100 models through CarPlay, Android Auto, and other connected-car platforms; it can be heard on more than 1,000 audio receivers through Bluetooth, Airplay and Chromecast; it's on FireTV and, of course, Alexa and Google Home.

NPR News Now Podcast And Twitter

Starting today, the digital version of NPR's hourly newscast, known as the "Hourly News Summary," will now be available under a new name, "NPR News Now." The familiar newscast voices that keep you informed on the radio will be available on demand everywhere you listen to podcasts, including the NPR One app, and with hourly updates on Twitter. Follow @NPRNewsNow for the top news every hour.

Anticipating and responding to new opportunities for engaging our listeners is critical to the mission of NPR and every Member station. We hope you enjoy discovering us across these new platforms, and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Thomas Hjelm is the Chief Digital Officer at NPR.

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Thomas Hjelm is Chief Digital Officer of NPR. Overseeing NPR's digital product, design and technology groups, business development, strategy and partnerships, and research, archives and data, he leads organizational strategies for innovation and growth across new and evolving platforms. He also works closely with partners across the public radio system to develop and execute strategies for network collaboration, as well as with major distribution platforms to ensure that public radio is front and center on smart speakers, connected cars and other new channels.