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State Workers Protest Pension Changes

People entering Sen. Corman's office.
Mary Chuff

State employees gathered at Senator Jake Corman’s office in Bellefonte Thursday to protest Senate Bill 1 and its proposed changes to the current pension system.

Around a dozen people gathered to protest Corman’s bill, which would restructure the current pension system for state employees into a 401(k)-type plan. Cheryl Little showed up to try to talk to Corman. She chairs a chapter of SEIU Local 668, a social services union.

“He’s going after the middle class, instead of going out where it needs to be," said Little. "And that is closing the loopholes. Closing the tax loopholes where all these corporations are getting away with not paying taxes.”

About half the protesters were able to meet with Sen. Corman. Jennifer Kocher, a spokeswoman from Corman’s office said the meeting was a “good experience.”

But, some protesters were still not satisfied. Little said they shouldn’t have to protest to get a meeting with Corman.

“He should be able to meet with his constituents whenever we ask," said Little. "It shouldn't have to be all of us gathering for a protest.”

SB 1 is currently being reviewed by a House committee after the bill passed in the Senate in May.

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