Steve Dershem

women in line at office window
Emily Reddy / WPSU

A presidential recount effort in Centre County has failed. The County Board of Elections denied affidavits submitted by voters in 28 precincts asking that the ballots be reexamined.

Voters can request a recount by affidavit within five days after the closing of the ballot count. Centre County commissioner and elections board member Steve Dershem says the count closed on Nov. 17, so when the voters submitted their affidavits yesterday it was too late.

He says the fact that a recount would have been laborious wasn’t a part of the decision to deny it.

Democrats Mike Pipe (Left) and Mark Higgins (Right)
Emily Reddy / WPSU

All three sitting Centre County commissioners are running for reelection. A pressing issue for all of them is the four-months-late state budget, which Republican incumbents say the board of commissioners’ good fiscal management has made the county well prepared for. 

“And because we’re in great financial shape we’re able to weather the state budget impasse right now,” said commissioner Chris Exarchos. “We’re paying all our bills and our citizens are taken care of.”