Penn State School of Theatre

Kristine Allen / WPSU

Rick Lombardo is the new is the Director of the School of Theatre at Penn State, hired last summer.

WPSU’s Kristine Allen spoke with Lombardo about bringing back the professional summer season of Penn State Centre Stage  in the summer of 2019 and about how his college pre-med plans were thwarted by theatre.  (Listen to the interview at the link above.)

You'll find more information on the Penn State Centre Stage summer season here.

The cast of "Results Will Vary*" during a summer preview performance in Eisenhower Auditorium.
Patrick Mansell / Penn State

Penn State students are back at the University Park campus. Last week, nearly 300 freshmen attended “Results Will Vary*,” a theatre performance that put a new spin on student orientation. The show explored issues students might face and resources the university has to support them.

Alicia Campbell and Niguel Williams
Emily Reddy / WPSU

“Good Kids” opens on a group of high schoolers talking about last night’s party.

The kids all say they know the story behind the pictures and videos that are being passed around of football players with a girl from the party. In the photos, the girl is passed out and naked. The boys have also tweeted things like, “It’s not rape if they don’t say no.” The play is basically the story of what happened in Steubenville, Ohio in 2012.