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Penn State Mood Of The Nation Poll Finds Party Split In Voter Policy Beliefs

A male voter at a voting booth with a "Vote" sign
Alex Brandon

This year’s Mood of the Nation poll from Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy asked Americans across the country about election policies, which found Republicans and Democrats usually disagree. 

This year’s poll found the main difference in the concerns of Republicans and Democrats is who is voting and how people vote.

More than 80% of Democrats polled believe the government should focus on making voting easier. At nearly the same rate, Republicans say a top priority should be making sure registered voters are actually eligible.

Another issue parties split on is requiring a photo ID to vote. A majority of Republicans were in support of the requirement. Democrats were split, but most opposed requiring an ID.

There is some agreement on voting policies, though. At least 80% of both parties support the creation of a nationwide voter database to track whether voters move or have duplicate registrations.

Also, a majority of polled individuals say they support allowing people convicted of felonies to vote after serving their sentences. Nearly 90% of Democrats were in support, and more than half of Republicans

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