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Resources For Election Day 2018

image: Associated Press

Tuesday (November 6) is Election Day.  The polls in Pennsylvania will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. To find your polling place, and for other helpful information, visit wpsu.org/vote18.

Here are some helpful information and links for Election Day from the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro:

Voters’ rights guides are available for download on the Office of Attorney General’s website in English and Spanish at www.attorneygeneral.gov/voting.

Across Pennsylvania, the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections is urging voters to report suspicious activity at their polling location by calling the Department at 1-877-868-3772 or submitting an election complaint form, found at the Department of State’s website. You can also contact your County Board of Elections at votespa.com/county.

If voters in any of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties experience difficulty or intimidation in any way at the polls, they can contact their local District Attorney. Here’s a link to the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, listing every D.A.:   http://www.pdaa.org/da-directory/

After you cast your vote, on Election Night at 8:00 p.m., you can hear both local and national election coverage from WPSU and NPR on WPSU-FM, or watch national election coverage from PBS on WPSU-TV.

Kristine Allen is Program Director of WPSU-FM. She also files feature stories for WPSU on the arts, culture, science, and more. When she's not at WPSU, Kris enjoys playing folk fiddle, acting, singing and portrait-sketching. She is also a self-confessed "science geek." Kris started working in public radio in college, at age 17, and says she "just couldn't stop."