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State College Community Rallies In Support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Monday about 30 men and women gathered outside Penn State’s Allen Street Gates in State College to show solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Rally participants chanted and took turns brandishing a megaphone to share their own stories.

Justine Andronici, a lawyer who works with victims of sexual assault, spoke about being drugged and raped when she was in college. Like Ford, she chose not to report. She believes Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

“In my opinion, I think the questions that we’re asking are all wrong,” Andronici said. “Not whether or not we’re denying this man a seat on the Supreme Court unjustly, but how in God’s name did he even get to this level in the process? It’s pretty clear to me that they knew stuff like this was out there, and they chose to push him through anyway. Because they thought that women in the country would be silent. And I think the time for silence is past.”

Gregg Connolly of Lemont walked back and forth in front of the group, holding a sign that read, “If Your Reflex Is to Doubt the Woman First, You Have a Moral Failing You Need to Address.” He said he was there for everyone, but especially for his late wife.

“My wife, as a young lady, had been raped twice,” Connolly shared. “It ruined her life.”

A vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has been postponed until Ford can testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Adison Godfrey is a graduate assistant at WPSU-FM. She serves as the associate producer of WPSU’s radio series This I Believe and BookMark.
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