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Mild Weather Aids Voter Turn-out in State College

It was a sunny and warm Election Day for voters in central Pennsylvania. WPSU’s Erin Cassidy Hendrick visited the polls in State College and found voter turn-out seemed to be higher than expected.

Todd Brown spent the day stumping for Scott Conklin at a polling place in State College. He says there was a steady stream of voters all day, and thinks it was the mild weather that brought them out.

“I’ve been doing this for a few years, and the weather, it’s usually about 30, 35 degrees cold, chilly. Sometimes that drives people away. But today it’s been gorgeous,” he said.

“We’ll probably hit 48, 49 percent turn-out,” said polling supervisor James Lanning.

He confirmed higher-than-normal numbers. But while the weather can help, he said voters in his precinct are always dependable.

“The people in this precinct take democracy very seriously here, and vote within this precinct,” he said.

Voter Chris Kirkpatrick summed up the general sentiment at the polls.  “It’s a great day for voting.”

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