Maya Rodale

February is a dark and cold month at the best of times and this year is no exception. But romance comes to the rescue with these hot, humorous and heartwarming novels that provide a rollicking good time from the first page to happily ever after.

This month in Romancelandia, true love and a happy ever after are possible at any age. Whether it's a teenager's first love, a 50-year-old's forever love, or somewhere in the middle, these three outstanding novels show it's never too early — or too late — for that HEA.

In a romance novel, a heroine's gotta do what a heroine's gotta do — no matter who's trying to stop her. And in romance, the love interest (be they hero or heroine) will always be her champion, defender and helpmeet. These three delectable new historical romance novels show that love is more than sex and sparks (though there is plenty of that), it's also about finding the one who will stand up beside you, no matter what troubles may buzz your way.

In romance, characters often face obstacles that are larger than life — pirates, spies, secret plots, paranormal forces. And sometimes our heroines grapple with issues closer to reality, like how to have both a satisfying career and a deeply satisfying love life. Romance heroines — they're just like us! These three novels remind us that it's worth fighting for both a romantic and professional happy ever after.