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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In State College

photo: Kristine Allen, WPSU

A medical marijuana dispensary opened in State College Thursday. And it’s already doing a brisk business.

Angel Rodriguez is co-manager of Nature’s Medicines on North Atherton Street in State College. He says when the dispensary opened at 11:00am Thursday, there were scores of people already in line.

“We’ve had over a hundred and something people walk through our doors,” Rodriguez said, “asking questions, coming into to see what we are, what we represent, and picking up medication so it’s been a very good day for us.”

But there are strict limits on who can enter the building, which has multiple locked doors and 24-hour security.

“First you have to get certified by a licensed, state-approved physician,” Rodriguez explained. “And then you would be able to come visit our dispensary, where we would have you sit with a pharmacist and have him go over what the recommendations from your doctors are, your conditions.”

Hours of operation for Nature’s Medicines may be irregular until the scheduled grand opening on June 27th.

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