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Organization Trying To Spread The Word About Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana
Cresco Yeltrah

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Pennsylvania. With the changes come new rules and regulations. 

Pennsylvania Safe Access held an information session in the State College Borough Building Thursday evening. Organization founder Christy Billett was there to answer questions.

“Really, it’s just about talking about it. Letting people realize the face to the patient, and that maybe cannabis is better than some of the pharmaceuticals that they’re taking,” Billett said.

Pennsylvania is in the process of implementing the state’s medical marijuana program. Patients need a medical marijuana card to buy it. And it will only be sold in forms such as creams and pills.

Sher Simcisko is director of Pennsylvanians for Safe Access. She said people need relief.

“It’s amazing medicine for so many different conditions,” Simcisko said. 

Teresa McCloskey was one of the people at the event. Her son, now 18, suffered a brain injury when he was 9 months old. About three years ago he had to get a hip replacement. McCloskey said it’s been a hard road.

“It’s worth exploring to see if it can help him come off some of the meds, if it helps him focus, calm, sleep better. Sleep is a huge challenge," McCloskey said. "Brain injury and sleep challenges go hand in hand.”

The state approved the first dispensary this month. Medical marijuana is expected to become available in Pennsylvania in February. A dispensary is also slated to open in State College.  

More information is available on the state Department of Health's website.

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