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BookMark: A 'Baker's Dozen' Of Children's Books

Karla Schmit reviews three children's books from the Pennsylvania Center for the Book's 2018 Baker's Dozen list.


Since 2004, the Pennsylvania Center for the Book has named a Baker’s Dozen of books each year that support family literacy.

The books chosen for the Baker’s Dozen list aim to turn preschool children into lifelong readers and lovers of books. Among the thirteen books chosen this year are “Bulldozer Helps Out” by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, “I Want That Nut!” by Madeline Valentine and “Who Am I? An Animal Guessing Game” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.

In “Bulldozer Helps Out,” Little Bulldozer is eager to lend a hand at a construction site. His much bigger coworkers think he’s too small to help out. Little Bulldozer is excited when he is given a small area to clear and flatten. He happily gets to work but suddenly stops when he discovers something in the debris. The larger trucks and bulldozers think they were right about Little Bulldozer being too small--but they quickly find out there is more than meets the eye. Children will delight at what Little Bulldozer has discovered and enjoy the surprise ending.


Mouse and Chipmunk are the two engaging characters in “I Want That Nut!” They both love playing with the prized nut, but they have some difficulty when it comes to taking turns. When an unexpected third character enters the story, they decide who will ultimately keep the nut. In the end, Mouse and Chipmunk discover that sharing and friendship are more valuable than any object.

“Who Am I? An Animal Guessing Game” is a surefire nonfiction hit for a young audience. The eye-catching illustrations and simple text will immediately engage children to participate in the animal guessing game. Children will be introduced to descriptive vocabulary such as “silky feathers,” “delicate wings” and “grasping claws.” The back of the book also includes additional facts about each animal such as their size, diet, habitat and more. This is an interactive book with interesting animal facts that will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

These three titles are just a glimpse of the many wonderful Baker’s Dozen books that have been named this year. Families and caregivers will find these are books that preschoolers will want to hear read over and over again!

Reviewer Karla Schmit is an education librarian at Penn State University Park and the director of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book.

The Baker’s Dozen list will be showcased at a children’s book reading event on December 9 at 3 PM at Juniper Village on Cliffside Drive. These three books will be read, and attendees will have the chance to win a set of the Baker’s Dozen books. The event is free and open to the public.

The complete 2018 Bakers Dozen list can be found here.

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