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Share Your Thoughts On Martin Luther King, Jr. & His Legacy

(Photo: AP File Photo)

On April 4, 1968, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. shocked the country. Where you alive then? If so, were you on that that day?  How did you hear the news? Whether you were around then or not: what has MLK and his message meant to you, personally? WPSU wants your thoughts, recorded in your own voice.

Record your thoughts, or those of a friend or relative, on a smartphone voice memo no longer than three minutes Please make sure the speaker says their full name and the town where they live in the recording,. Please also write the full name and town in the body of the email. WPSU won’t be able to use recordings submitted without that information.

The recordings will be used in a WPSU feature story on Morning Edition sometime during the week of April 2. Email your recording, with MLK in the subject line, by Friday, March 30 to:

And here’s a helpful tip: please don’t script your words.  Just speak as you would to a friend. Pauses and stumbles are just fine. And don’t worry at all about how you sound - we’ll be editing parts of several voices together for the story. Thank you for participating in this commemoration!

Kristine Allen is Program Director of WPSU-FM. She also files feature stories for WPSU on the arts, culture, science, and more. When she's not at WPSU, Kris enjoys playing folk fiddle, acting, singing and portrait-sketching. She is also a self-confessed "science geek." Kris started working in public radio in college, at age 17, and says she "just couldn't stop."