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What questions do you have about race and Chicago? Code Switch wants to answer them


We at NPR's Code Switch cover race and identity. And we're dying to answer your questions about Chicago. Have you been wondering how certain neighborhoods ended up as they are? Do you have questions about Chicago food, slang, transportation, or migration history? Did your grandmother used to tell you some pieces of Chicago lore...and you're wondering if they are just too outrageous to be true?

If you have a question that's been bugging you that you need answered, fill out the form below and an NPR producer might reach out to you. Your question and voice might be featured in an upcoming episode!

Your submission will be governed by our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the Privacy Policy says, we want you to be aware that there may be circumstances in which the exemptions provided under law for journalistic activities or freedom of expression may override privacy rights you might otherwise have.

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