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"PSFlu" strains capacity at Penn State's University Health Services

University Health Services on the Penn State University Park campus provides mental health care for the student population.
Kaitlyn Aguiles
University Health Services on the Penn State University Park campus.

Most Penn State University Park students are vaccinated against COVID-19. But the increased freedom that vaccine has provided means the return of regular illnesses.

The “PSFlu” or “Penn State plague” are broad terms students use for any cold, infection, or illness they’re dealing with. The student blog Onward State reported on the spread of student illness when the downtown CVS and Target recently both ran out of cold medicine.

Sophomore Gina Seese says every time she thought she was getting better, she got worse again.

“I just got really tired, and it was really hard to focus, and even get out of bed sometimes. ”

Seese says she tried to get help from University Health Services on campus, but could not get an appointment.

“I wanted to see an in person doctor first rather than do online.”

At the end of last month, Damon Sims, Vice President of Student Affairs, sent a letter to students about UHS capacity issues. He said the increased volume of patients was due to an increased interaction between students that usually happens this time of year. He also pointed out that UHS has added COVID testing and vaccination services.

Sims asked students to help out by getting their flu shots.

Miriam Colvin is a fall 2021 news intern for WPSU.