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Jill Biden Tells Students To 'Become An Agent Of Change'

Dr. Jill Biden speaks at podium.
Stuart Ramson
AP Images for UN Foundation


Many know Dr. Jill Biden as the former Second Lady of the United States. But during Biden’s talk last night at Penn State, she gave the audience a glimpse into her personal life.

Biden shared struggles like losing her son to brain cancer and a friend to breast cancer.

Nancy Chiswick says she was inspired by Biden’s stories.

“I thought Dr. Biden was so personal. She really shared her life and her inner feelings and that really connected with me and resonated with me. I was inspired by many of her stories and also how she handled adversity.”

When faced with challenges, Biden said she focuses on what inspires her to keep going: her students. Biden has been an educator for more than three decades, and said teaching is more than just a job for her--it’s a calling.

Though Biden did not ask for her role as Second Lady, she vowed to use her position to drive progress. Biden urged audience members to do the same.

She told them to find what grabs their hearts and to become agents of change.

I’m Adison Godfrey, WPSU.

Adison Godfrey is a graduate assistant at WPSU-FM. She serves as the associate producer of WPSU’s radio series This I Believe and BookMark.