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State College Elementary School Renovation Plans Reach Milestone

Plans for the reconstruction of the Corl Street, Houserville and Radio Park elementary schools are more than half way done. A community forum took place last night in State College to talk about the progress.

Board of Education members and architects answered financial and logistical questions about the site plans for each school.

Jim Leous, vice president of the State College Area School Board, said plans for reconstruction first began in 2009.

“The idea is that hopefully we’ll get into a cycle now that when we need to refresh buildings or make improvements on buildings,” Leous said, “it will be spaced out more than this sort of compressed cycle that we currently had.”

With the help of additional state funding, the schools will now be L.E.E.D certified.

Board President Amber Concepcion talked about her hopes for the project.

“I think one of the best outcomes of these projects is going to be having students in spaces that have a lot of there is natural day lighting and air quality control,” Concepcion said. “So these will just be really pleasant spaces for kids to be learning in.”

The schools are designed with current educational practices in mind. There’s space for small projects and lots of group work. 

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