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Are Civil Rights Organizations Still Relevant? Part 2

For nearly a century, civil rights organizations have fought for racial equality in the United States -- but the organizations that once led the fight so vigorously are now wrapped up in struggles of their own.

Some are experiencing crises in leadership, and most are having trouble grabbing the interest of the next generation. Reporter Allison Keyes wraps up her two-part series on the state of American civil rights organizations with a look at what some are calling the "new" civil rights movement.

Among some of the emerging leaders of this group are author and lecturer Yvonne Bynoe, the Rev. Joseph Lowery and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young.

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Allison Keyes is an award-winning journalist with almost 20 years of experience in print, radio, and television. She has been reporting for NPR's national desk since October 2005. Her reports can be heard on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition Sunday.